In April/May, 2016 Ajay is shooting the black comedy thriller '68 Kill' in New Orleans playing Sam the owner of a seedy motel. The film is based on a book by prolific genre novelist Bryan Smith and stars Matthew Gray Gubler.

In March 2016 Ajay did a guest star on the Fox comedy 'The Grinder', playing the Manager of the most exclusive, high end Italian restaurant... in Boise, Idaho! The episode entitled #21 entitled " For The People " aired on April 19th.

Breaking news! Ajay plays Mindy's father on 'The Mindy Project'. Season 3 led up to the revealing of the role in which Ajay was cast. He now has a Recurring guest star on 'The Mindy Project' season 4 playing  Tarun Lahiri, Chemistry Professor & Mindy's Dad. His first episode entitled 'While I was Sleeping' aired on Sept. 15th, 2015 and ep. #411 entitled "The Lahiri's & The Castellano's" aired Nov. 24th, 2015. In February, 2016 he worked on a new episode entitled "Bernardo & Anita" ep.#418 which airs on May 10th.The show is on its new home Hulu. Check out the trailer here and click here for all the press on Ajay's role on "The Mindy Project".

Ajay is in Judd Apatow's 2016 Golden Globe nominated comedy film "Trainwreck" starring Amy Schumer from Universal Studios. He plays Dr. Raj, a neurologist. You can see his scene "Amy Gets Grilled" on the Blu-Ray DVD or here.

In January, 2016 he worked on a new comedy Web series 'Glimpses Of Greg' playing Dr. Naik a psychiatrist, a recurring guest star. Episode #3 entitled " Sleeping with Dr. Wilson " streams in May 2016.

Ajay can be seen as a recurring guest star on HBO's comedy 'The Brink' playing the Indian Foreign Minister Rakesh Pandit directed by Oscar winner Tim Robbins. He is in ep.#102 'Half-Cocked' aired June 28th, 2015; ep.#103  'Baghdad My Ass' aired July 5th, 2015; ep.#104 'I'll Never Be Batman' aired July 12th, 2015; and ep.#110 'There Will Be Consequences' aired Aug. 23rd, 2015. See the teaser here. And see Ajay in the ep. 'I'll Never Be Batman' recap.

Ajay is currently in the new Tamiflu Commercial entitled 'A Big Solution', playing a News Anchor.

In September, 2015 Ajay was given the Honourable Order of Kentucky Colonels the highest  award given by the Commonwealth of Kentucky from the Governorof Kentucky making him a Kentucky Colonel joining the esteemed ranks of famous notables.

Ajay is back as a recurring guest stars on "Modern Family" in the 'Patriot Games' ep., aired May 6th, 2015 as Dr. Vish Patel and on Sundance's “Rectify” as a Convenience Store/Gas Station Owner Mr. Patel in 'Thrill Ride' which aired on July 16th, 2015.

You can now hear Ajay as he voiced one of the main characters Rakshasa (Kalinag) in one of the world most popular games - "Far Cry 4"!

He has shot multiple episodes of FX's " Anger Management " as recurring guest star Sanjay, the rich and stuffy father of Lacey. Episodes are 'Charlie Gets Tied Up with a Catholic Girl' which aired on Dec. 15th, 2014 and 'Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote' airing Dec. 22nd, 2014. Previous episodes are: 'Charlie and Lacey go for broke' aired November 17th, 2014, 'Charlie helps Lacey stay rich' aired on Nov. 14th, 2013, 'Charlie loses his virginity again', aired on Nov. 21st, 2013; 'Charlie Sets Jordan Up with a Serial Killer'  aired Jan. 30th, 2013. 'Charlie and The Twins ' aired Feb. 6th, 2013, and 'Charlie & the last temptation of Eugencio' aired March 6th, 2013.

Ajay is back on USA's "Royal Pains" season six, reprising his role as Devesh Katdare, a recurring guest star, in the season premiere episode entitled " Smoke and Mirrors ". It aired June 10th, 2014.

Currently Ajay is producing the comedy pilot "Lucy's Slip".

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